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Us Entry Waivers

Pardons Canada: Travelling to the USA and DUI Pardons

When entering the United States, either by car or plane, one of the first things you will need to deal with is the Customs & Border Protection of the United States (CBP). The job of the CBP is to keep out illegal materials, as well as people that could pose a threat.

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Pardons Canada – What to Know About Travelling With a Record

During the winter, we often hide inside our homes and travelling does not sound quite appealing. As soon as the mercury starts to rise, however, we start to think about where we would like to spend our next vacation. Read More

Pardons Canada – How to Apply for a US Entry Waiver

We know that bad things can happen to good people. We also know those good people can sometimes make a bad decision. A criminal record can lead to missed opportunities, particularly when it comes to travelling. Read More

Pardons Canada – Why you Need Help Applying for a US Entry Waiver

If you are planning a trip to the United States but you have not received a pardon or record suspension for your criminal record, you should not attempt crossing the border just yet. Read More

Pardons Canada – The Truth About Waivers and Pardons

For quite some time the stigma of pardons and waivers companies causes many people to avoid using such services. There have been a number of instances where clients were not professionally assisted, and this led to complaints and a poor reputation. Read More

Pardons Canada – US Entry Waiver for Medical Reasons

Years ago, many Canadians chose to seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in the US. This was largely due to the financial benefits thanks to OHIP taking care of the expenses. Read More

Pardons Canada – Now that you Have Your US Travel waiver, what’s next?

There’s a fair amount of information online about the benefits of entry waivers and pardons, but not many people know what to expect once they have their entry waiver in their possession. Understanding what the document means and just how many doors it can open is often even more surprising to many.

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Pardons Canada – Canadian Pardons and Cruising

Driving and flying are the two most common ways of crossing the border between the US and Canada. However, most people don’t stop to consider cruising. Cruise lines offer amazing vacations from port to port, and this allows travellers to see several destinations in a single trip. Read More

Pardons Canada – U.S Entry Waivers: An Online Guide

It’s important an individual does not attempt to travel to the U.S with a criminal record unless they have acquired the proper U.S Entry Waiver.

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Federal Pardon Waiver Services assists individuals in obtaining a Pardon (Record Suspension) by removing a past criminal offence from public record in Canada. We also help individuals obtain US Entry Waivers adn Arrest Record Purges

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