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General Reference

Pardons Canada: Do Convictions Ever Expire?

When you have been convicted of a crime in Canada, a record of that crime and any attached information about the case is kept. This is known as a criminal record. When you are looking for a job, travelling, or attempting to rent a property, you will sometimes be asked to disclose this record. 

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Pardons Canada: Do You Need a Pardon for a Crime Committed as a Minor?

When you commit a crime in Canada you are charged with an offence. For more severe crimes you will face an indictable offence, and for less serious crimes you will face a summary offence. Both have specific consequences attached to them that vary with each crime. Read More

Pardons Canada: Getting a Pardon for Car Theft

When you are charged for theft in Canada you will be left with a criminal record. This means that the theft charge will show up on your criminal record if you try to obtain a job, rent property, travel, or anything else that requires a criminal record check. 

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Who Can Ask You for a Criminal Record Check?

Criminal record checks are sometimes necessary when you are looking for a job or attempting to rent a property. Criminal record checks are used to see if an individual has any prior convictions and are used by an employer or landlord as a way to determine whether the individual is trustworthy or not. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Dropped and Dismissed Charges

A conviction on your criminal record means that you have gone through the complete judicial process, meaning you were arrested, charged, went to trial and found guilty.  Read More

Shoplifting and Pardons – Does Shoplifting Stay on Your Record?

Sometimes, people partake in activities they aren’t very proud of. Shoplifting is one of those activities. While it may seem that pocketing a pack of gum is harmless at the time, getting caught can lead to problems that will follow you for the rest of your life. Read More

What is a Hybrid Offence in Canada?

When someone is charged with a criminal offence in Canada, they are either charged with a summary offence, indictable offence or hybrid offence. 

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Entering Canada With a Criminal Record

When someone has committed a crime in another country, they aren’t permitted to enter Canada freely. They are first required to fill out an application for rehabilitation, acquire a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), 

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Everything You Need to Know About DUI Pardons

In life, we don`t always make the best choices. Sometimes we stumble and make mistakes. As with everything, consequences sometimes accompany our bad mistakes. Read More

Pardons Canada – How Long Does It Take to Get a Pardon in Canada?

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence, it is important to understand the options that are available to you. A pardon, or a record suspension, makes your record virtually invisible to others, which will help you find better opportunities and open many doors for you. Read More

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Federal Pardon Waiver Services assists individuals in obtaining a Pardon (Record Suspension) by removing a past criminal offence from public record in Canada. We also help individuals obtain US Entry Waivers adn Arrest Record Purges

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