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Pardons Canada – Professions Requiring a Record Suspension

There’s no question about it: a criminal record will negatively affect one’s ability to gain meaningful employment or their chances of continuing forward into a promotion.
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Pardons Canada – Denied Access into US for Mental Illness

Typically, when you have a criminal record you will have a harder time crossing borders. When entering the US you will be asked to provide your passport and be asked a few routine questions.
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Pardons Canada – Am I Eligible for a Pardon?

When you have a criminal record it can prevent you from doing a lot of things. Renting an apartment, getting certain jobs and crossing borders are all things that will be made more difficult when you have a criminal record. Read More

Pardons Canada – What is an Indictment Offence?

Indictable offences are specific kinds of offences that can only be tried in front of a federal court. Indictable offences are the most serious offences under the Criminal Code, they include theft over $5,000, aggravated sexual assault and murder.  Read More

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Federal Pardon Waiver Services assists individuals in obtaining a Pardon (Record Suspension) by removing a past criminal offence from public record in Canada. We also help individuals obtain US Entry Waivers adn Arrest Record Purges

Erase Your Criminal Record, Take back Your Life!

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Toronto, ON: (416) 628-1537 | Calgary, AB : (403) 508-9117 | Vancouver, BC: (604) 265-1132

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