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Pardons Canada – Professions Requiring a Record Suspension

Pardons Canada - Professions Requiring a Record Suspension

There’s no question about it: a criminal record will negatively affect one’s ability to gain meaningful employment or their chances of continuing forward into a promotion.

There are a serious number of popular professions requiring a record suspension due to the need for requiring a criminal record check upon application. A criminal record check can be standard practise for jobs where you may not have thought it would be required. Some of these jobs are very valuable due to their flexible nature, their ability to act as a gateway to further success, or even strictly due to their high pay grades.

Professions requiring a record suspension before applying:


A lot of people looking to find work part-time, or work in between larger contracts, depend on courier positions to fill the gap. These include pizza delivery and all app-based courier businesses. These positions are valuable due to their entrepreneurial nature and flexible hours. However, in Canada, a courier position is one of the professions requiring a record suspension.


The ability to volunteer is an invaluable tool when one is looking to seek further gainful employment. Volunteering within your field of choice is a great way to open doors in an industry where you were unable to find paid work. These positions often lead to paid positions and can open many doors in industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment. Unfortunately, in order you will need to be screened and have a criminal record check in order to volunteer.


If you have a licence and are comfortable driving in an urban setting, then taxiing is a viable career move. This is one of the professions where you would be surprised by the strict screening processes involved. A taxi or Uber is one of the professions requiring a record suspension.

Security Guards

Due to the flexible nature of this profession’s schedule, many individuals depend on security guard jobs to support their families while participating in daytime responsibilities. Security jobs tend to pay fairly well too, with opportunities available all across the country. There is even the possibility of freelance work in this industry. The security guard position is also one of the professions requiring a record suspension.

Government Employees

The Canadian government employs hundreds of thousands of people at any given moment. Working for the Canadian government in any capacity gives one the ability to work in a diverse range of industries, while also collecting a fair pension and salary. These positions require a criminal record check, meaning you could lose out on the employment opportunity of a lifetime without a proper record suspension if you have a record.

Collection Agents

The appeal of working as a collection agent is that the work is plentiful. Sometimes people need to work immediately in order to keep themselves fed and sheltered, making opportunities like these an invaluable option for someone in-between work.

These six professions are only a handful of the ones requiring a record suspension in order to receive employment. This can make receiving gainful employment seem impossible – but that’s not the case.

If you are seeking a brighter future then you will require the help of a Canadian criminal record suspension. Record suspensions are allotted between two and five year periods, depending on the quality of your application.

By partnering with Pardons and Waivers Services you are ensuring that your application is strong as possible – enabling your future with diverse opportunities.

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