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Pardons Canada – Why do I need a pardon/record suspension?

Pardons Canada - Why do I need a pardon/record suspension?

Even if your criminal record has yet to affect your life, there is a good chance that it someday will. 

People want to have their records pardoned/suspended for many reasons. Most people simply want to make sure they are no longer associated with the mistakes they made in the past. Your peace of mind is one important reason to obtain your pardon/record suspension. We strongly recommend that anyone with a record obtain a pardon/record suspension. Our society strongly encourages rehabilitation. Simply put, you are lucky enough to live in a country that allows the pardoning/suspending of criminal records. You should take advantage of that.

Here are some of the ways having a record can affect your life and why you should get one NOW.

Crossing the Border

If you do have prior convictions and attempt to cross a border, you could be detained at the border if they perform a criminal record check. 

Each country will have different rules regarding people entering with a criminal record. Some may allow you to enter, while others could possibly arrest you. The Travel Advice and Advisories page on the Canadian government`s website goes over each countries stipulation`s regarding travellers with a criminal record.  

Even if you were to get a pardon in Canada, it isn`t recognized in the US or other countries. Instead, you need an entry waiver if you are looking to enter the US.  

Denied Canadian Citizenship

Obtaining Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status is already hard enough with the testing and process times. However, if you have been convicted of a criminal offence than you are prohibited from applying for citizenship entirely.

If you`re having trouble getting Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status due to your criminal record, get in touch with Pardons Canada and apply for a pardon today!

Unable to Rent a Home

When you find the perfect home or apartment to rent, you don`t want any obstacles getting in the way. 

Many landlords will ask for a criminal record check before renting out properties. There are no laws against discrimination based on one having a record when it comes to property rental. This means a landlord can refuse to rent to you simply because you have a criminal record.

Child Custody 

In Canada, child custody legislation is enforced to put the best interest of the child first. Because of this, in the event of divorce or separation, child custody rights may be limited to those with a criminal record, especially if the charges involve violence. 

While in many cases the custody of the child is left up to the parents, if they are unable to make the decision independently, the law makes the decision for them, following certain criteria. This is done by analyzing both parents, including, of course, doing a criminal record check. 

Denied Employment

Criminal convictions can often make it more difficult to find employment as most employers require a criminal record check. 

There are many different forms of employment that are difficult to get if you have a record, such as:

Handling Money

If you have any prior convictions involving theft, fraud, or other crimes involving money, employers will be wary of hiring you for positions that involve handling money. 

Working with Children

Any convictions at all on your record will sway the opinion of an employer hiring you for a position that involves working with children, including teaching.

Government Jobs

Another job that will be difficult to get, regardless of your convictions is a government job. 

Police Officer

A clean record is required if you want to be a police officer, with even minor offences making it difficult to get hired. 

The processing time for pardons and waivers can take some time, which is why its best to get your record dealt with immediately, rather than wait until you try to do something that requires a criminal record check.  

If you do have a criminal record and would like to get rid of it and move on with your life, a pardon can give you peace of mind and allow you to move on with your life. The process can be difficult and timely, so get in contact with Pardons Canada and we will help you work through the process. Call 1 (800) 543-2137 today for professional assistance with Canadian federal pardons and waivers.

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