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Pardons Canada – What you need to know about applying for a record suspension

Pardons Canada - What you need to know about applying for a record suspension

A criminal record is something that can follow you around like one of those dark rain clouds we once saw in early cartoons. It doesn’t only affect your employment opportunities, but also other aspects of your life such as finding a home to rent or applying for a loan or mortgage.

Even if the offence is relatively minor, its mere presence on your record can make many of your goals just out of reach. There is no reason to suffer for years due to one indiscretion. A record suspension can help you get your life back on track. Of course, like all legal matters, it’s important to ensure that you fully understand the process and that your expectations are realistic.


What is a record suspension?

This is one of the most common of all record suspension questions, and it is also one of the most important. Record suspensions allow people convicted of criminal offences to have a particular record kept separate from any other criminal records. Provided, of course, that the sentence was completed and they have subsequently abided by the law. When your record suspension is successful, that particular record will be removed from the CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre). Neither the record nor the record suspension will appear on the file. It’s also important to note that the organization or justice agency will also determine the course of action. All the more reason to have a professional assist you with your record suspension application.


Realistic expectations

By approaching the process with a clear understanding of what to expect, it will help everything run that much smoother, and it will certainly ensure that you know what awaits while avoiding unrealistic expectations.

A record suspension does not erase the offence, but it does set it aside. It also does not guarantee that you will be able to enter or obtain a visa to a foreign country. Depending on the nature of your offence, your record might be flagged. This is a preventative measure in the event that the offender applies for work or wishes to volunteer in a relevant vulnerable sector.


Can a record suspension be revoked?

Under certain circumstances, a record suspension can be revoked. The conviction of a new indictable offence or, in certain instances, a summary offence, your record suspension could cease to have an effect. Similarly, if you demonstrate poor conduct, it could also result in the revocation of the suspension. When you submit your application, it’s essential that you are absolutely honest. If at any point, it is discovered that your statement or the information provided was in any way misleading or false, you can expect the record suspension to be revoked.


In order to ensure that you have all the facts and assistance you need, contact Federal Pardon Waiver Services on 1 (800) 543-2137. Our team is both skilled and experienced in ensuring that all the proper steps are followed.

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