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Pardons Canada – The Main Obstacles facing someone with a Criminal Record

Pardons Canada - The Main Obstacles facing someone with a Criminal Record

There are a number of ways a criminal record can actively affect your life on a regular basis. Many individuals with a criminal record are not fully aware of the ways it can affect their ability to travel, obtain employment, immigrate or even rent an apartment until a criminal record check is needed. There are a number of surprising ways a criminal record can negatively impact your life – this is why it’s so crucial to obtain a record suspension once you’re eligible.

Here are the seven main obstacles facing an individual with a criminal record in Canada:


1. Employment

This may be the most obvious way a criminal record can negatively impact your life, but it’s definitely the most serious. If you know you’re going to be attempting to obtain gainful employment, it’s very important to begin the process of obtaining a criminal record suspension as soon as possible in case a criminal record check it needed. Even if you know you won’t be eligible for a record suspension for some time, beginning the process early can be imperative, as it can be prolonged and complicated.

2. Immigration

It’s difficult to immigrate to a different nation when you have a criminal record. If you’re planning on immigrating or emigrating to or from Canada, you’ll need to be prepared with a Canadian criminal record suspension for the appropriate duration of time.

3. Travel

Travelling internationally is complicated if you have a criminal record. If you have an important trip on the horizon, make sure to get your papers in order for a record suspension. Even if you’re simply travelling across the border to the States, it’s very important to receive a U.S Entry Waiver. Many people travel across the American border with a criminal record without understanding that it’s illegal to do so. If you’re identified at the border you could be fined heavily or even detained.

4. Custody

If you begin the application for the custody of your child, having a criminal record will inevitably obstruct the process. Before you can attempt to obtain custody you’ll need criminal record check and background check so you’ll have to successfully apply for a record suspension beforehand.

5. Renting

Renting an apartment in a large Canadian city is already a complicated process, often riddled with discrimination and roadblocks for renters who require affordable housing. Adding the need for a criminal record check into the mix will make this process even more difficult than it needs to be. Acquire a record suspension with the help of Pardons & Waivers Canada and get yourself a home you can be proud of.

6. Education

One of the best ways to ensure a brighter future is by gaining a practical education in a field that you’re passionate about. If you enable yourself with the tools and education you need, you’re sure to be successful. Acquiring education is often a process with obstacles, such as the steep prices and time requirements. But, if you have a proper criminal record suspension, these obstacles will become surmountable.

7. Peace of mind

The most important feature a criminal record suspension provides is the peace of knowing your life is truly in your own hands. When you obtain the freedoms associated with a record suspension, the anxiety of living a restricted life is lifted. You can obtain gainful employment, travel, immigrate and go to school. You’re able to follow your dreams in a way that you were prevented before, without of plausible criminal record checks that may come. These are all reasons to consider applying for a record suspension as early as possible.

Pardons & Waivers are one of Ontario’s premier pardon and waiver services, having already assisted countless clients in successfully receiving pardons when they’ve needed them most. We submit nearly ten thousand applications per year, providing us with the experience and knowledge you need for a successful record suspension.

Work with us to erase your criminal record today and get your life back today!

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