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Pardons Canada – Military Charges & Pardons

Pardons Canada - Military Charges & Pardons

We know that sometimes good people have made bad decisions in the past and need a second chance. Having a criminal record can cause many problems in your life.

Crossing borders, renting apartments and getting a job are just some of the things that can be difficult with a conviction to your name.  

If you’re suffering because of a mistake you had made in the past, you can clear your record and conscious with a pardon/record suspension. A pardon is when the government absolves you of your guilt of a crime and removes it from your record, allowing you to move on with your life. 

While crimes in Canadian federal jurisdiction are applicable for being pardoned, what becomes of charges you have received in the military?

Applying for a Pardon with Military Charges

When applying for a pardon with military experience, you must submit a military conduct sheet as part of a Canadian pardon application if you have or are still serving in the military. This is because civilian convictions that occur within the military don’t always show up on a standard criminal record since they weren’t processed through civil courts and therefore not on the public record.

A military conduct sheet is necessary for a successful pardon application to ensure no information was missed. This is because unlike a typical criminal record, a military conduct record shows civil, criminal and any military misconduct. The National Parole Board (the issuers of pardons) must take all information into consideration when deciding whether to issue you a pardon or not. 

If after that you are issued a pardon, all of your convictions related to the pardon will be removed from your criminal record, including your conduct sheet.


How to Get Your Military Conduct Sheet

Depending on when you left the military is what determines where you obtain your military conduct sheet.

Left three years ago or less – Commanding Officer of the last posting or unit. 

Left five years ago or less – The DMCARM

Left more than five years ago – The Personnel Records Unit at the National Archives of Canada

Keep in mind that your military conduct sheet will only be valid for six months after it is issued. 

If you are unable to get your conduct sheet you will need to provide a letter from your Commanding Officer when applying for a pardon. 

Pardons and Waivers Canada

When applying for a pardon to can get your life on track and put your mistakes behind you, take all of your military experience into account when doing so. You will need a military conduct sheet if you want to successfully apply for a pardon. 

If you’re looking for professional help to guide you through the pardon/record suspension application, Pardons Canada has years of experience securing US entry waivers and Pardons. 

Contact Pardons Canada today at 1-800-543-2137, to talk with one of our representatives about applying for a pardon or entry waivers.

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