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Pardons Canada: How to tell Which Pardons and Waivers Service is Right for You

Pardons Canada: How to tell Which Pardons and Waivers Service is Right for You

Pardons are for individuals who have prior convictions and want them removed from their criminal record. They are issued by the Government of Canada and enable past convictions to be removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre database.

Waivers are needed if you’re planning on travelling to the United States but are denied from entering due to having a Canadian criminal record. If you have been denied from entering the country, you need to obtain an entry waiver – or else you’ll be at risk of being detained by the US authorities when entering the country.

Though having a criminal record seems serious, it is sometimes just a bad decision that is following a good person through their life.

If you are having trouble finding work, getting credit, entering the US or something else that a criminal record is inhibiting you from doing, you could file for a pardon or waiver.

When you need a pardon or waiver, you want a qualified, informed professional. It is a difficult process that many find very complex. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help make an educated decision:


The legitimacy of the business you’re working with is the first place to check and something that is often questioned.

Give them a call and ask questions about their business – how long has it been running, what services they provide, any information that will give you a better idea of what they do for their clients.

Visit their website and see if it looks like a reputable establishment. Check out their social media channels and see if they’re updated and maintained and, while you’re there, check what the community has to say about them through comments.


Seeing people’s experiences with the business will give you a good idea of what you can expect when working with them.

A business will sometimes have reviews or testimonials on their site to show how their customers felt about their services. While these are a good source, they should be paired with other sources to ensure you`re getting the full picture.

To maintain transparency, we provide a long list of testimonials to help our customers know our core values.

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Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to get insight from customers who have worked with a business in the past. Reviews can be negative in any business, but they are is also a lot you can learn from them. For example, the most commeon problems when choosing a pardons and waivers agency:

Transparency & Fees: Some pardons and waivers companies will charge without providing results. Most expect that when you hire one of these services, you`re guaranteed your pardon or waiver. This isn`t always the case, and some agencies aren`t clear with explaining the details of the process, so its best to entail the full process of the application before charging customers.

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Long Processing Time – The length of time it takes to get a pardon or waiver is not always the same – it can take a long time and without proper communication, some will get the wrong impression. Letting customers know about the process and informing them that these applications take time is the best approach.


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Lack of Communication – As stated above, lack of communication can lead to customers assuming the worst. While there are a number of reasons this happens, keeping in touch with customers will address any growing concerns about a company.

As you can see, lack of transparency and communication is a common issue when finding a pardons Canada agency. Be sure to look at all reviews before deciding which pardons and waivers service you will use.

Customer Service

When you have such a personal and pertinent issue such as a past offence sitting on your record, you want someone who will work with you and help you see through a difficult process. A patient, easy to work with Pardons Canada business will make the whole ordeal pass a lot smoother.

Finding a representative that is helpful, kind, and knowledgeable about the subject matter is key to a successful application.

Good customer service can also come through in the fees. A good agency will never surprise you with unexpected fees and will inform you of all the fees beforehand.


Blogs can show insight and knowledge into the expertise of a certain business. Read some of their blogs, they should be straight-forward and offer valuable, useful information pertaining to pardons in Canada.

A good presence through blogs makes them not only seem knowledgeable about the subject matter but also make the business more transparent. You can get a better feel about the business itself by seeing what their blogs focus on.

We offer many blogs on our site, providing free, valuable information to give you legal advice and help you with your pardon or waiver application needs.


Choosing which company will you with obtaining a pardon or a waiver is an important decision that should be well thought out. Blogs, reviews, and legitimacy should all be considered before you make your final decision.

Here at Federal Pardon Waiver Services, we have a lot of experience with both the pardon and waiver processes for those looking to leave past mistakes behind them. Contact us today at 1-800-543-2137.

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