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Pardons Canada – Fingerprinting and the National Pardon Centre

Pardons Canada - Fingerprinting and the National Pardon Centre

When you have been in the pardon services and waiver industry for as long as we have, you come across many bad actors who don’t operate in good faith. By this, we mean companies that take advantage of vulnerable people looking to put their criminal past behind them for good.


So often we have people come to us with frustrating stories about how they went to a company that promised the moon only to receive very little – or nothing – in return from that company.

The truly distressing thing is that this happens on a regular basis. There are many companies out there that profess to be the most reliable US entry waiver and pardon services. The truth of the matter is that some of these companies are woefully under-qualified to give people with convictions on their record the high level of service they require.

One such company that makes promises they continuously fail to deliver on is the National Pardon Centre. One of the service pillars of this company is Fingerprinting, and time and time again, they come up short of their mandate.

What Is Fingerprinting?

In the context of pardon services and US entry waivers, fingerprinting is very important for completing an application for pardon services or waivers. Upon starting the application process for Canadian pardon services or US entry waiver, you will need to retrieve your criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).

To put it simply, the CPIC is a storehouse for all the criminal records in Canada, and in order to get your criminal record, you must send your fingerprints to the RCMP for certification.

Again, one of the main reasons for requesting fingerprint certification is for a pardon services application. To give themselves the best chance for success, many people will use a pardons service to help get their fingerprints done and sent to the RCMP. Suffice it to say, fingerprinting services are essential to people who are pursuing Canadian pardon services.

National Pardon Centre and Fingerprinting

As we mentioned before, fingerprinting is one of the main service pillars of the National Pardon Centre. When you go to the company’s homepage, it is front and centre with its Canadian Pardon and US Entry Waiver services.

When you go to the company’s landing page for its fingerprinting service, you are greeted with very alluring statements. The company promises reasonable time frames and reliable service, and they back these promises up by saying that they are a Direct Connect client of the RCMP, which would lead someone to believe The National Pardon Centre is the best option available.

However, a different picture is painted when you look at the reviews that this company has received on Google. Here are just some of the reviews we found on Google that show the true value of the National Pardon Centre’s fingerprinting service:



bad google review



fingerprinting google review



bad fingerprinting service




As you can see from these reviews, the quality of the National Pardon Centre’s fingerprinting service leaves a lot to be desired. Many people haven’t had their fingerprints processed due to bad quality – and some people have had this happen to them more than once!

The fingerprinting aspect of the pardon services application process can be very time-consuming, which is why it is so important that fingerprinting is done right the first time. Too often, people who have gone to the National Pardon Centre have had their time (and money) wasted because the National Pardon Centre makes promises it can’t keep.

It really isn’t fun for us to meet people who got nowhere with fingerprinting because they went with the National Pardon Centre. It is truly unfortunate that there is a company out there that promises to get results and doesn’t deliver results.

This underscores the importance of doing your research when looking for a reliable waiver and pardon services in Canada. If you wish to learn more about fingerprinting, then we encourage you to call us toll-free at 1 (800) 543-2137 and we’ll give you an honest assessment of our fingerprinting service.

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