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Any US citizen or resident may be denied entry to Canada if they have a criminal record. This, however, does not have to mean that you will never be able to travel to Canada with a criminal record. Fortunately, applying for Criminal Rehabilitation allows you to cross the Canadian borders. All you need to do is fill out the imm1444e, attain your Canadian entry waiver, and travel to Canada hassle-free.

With over 20 years of combined proven experience in providing experience in providing our clients a hassle-free service that ensures that the highest standards for trust are set and maintained. We stay up-to-date with all the legislative and procedural changes concerning Canadian Waiver applications and by working on and submitting nearly 10,000 applications per year. We do so by doing all the leg work required to obtain the necessary information from the Courts and Police. Essentially, we take all the guesswork out of competently completing an application for a waiver. We can assist anyone who has been convicted of a criminal offence so that they may confidently proceed with their lives as productive, law-abiding citizens without the hindrance of a past mistake.

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Free Yourself from Past Mistakes

Even minor misdemeanors can make you inadmissible to Canada. Don’t let your prior convictions get in the way of travelling freely.

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By obtaining Criminal Rehabilitation, you will be able to cross Canadian borders or ports of entry at any time.


Past mistakes should stay in the past. There is no reason why a prior conviction should sit on your shoulders every time you want to travel across borders. With our expertise and experience, we can help you apply for and obtain a criminal rehabilitation so you won’t have to worry about your past holding you back from travel opportunities, or anything else, ever again.




Those convicted of a crime need to undergo a wait period, in which they must keep their record clean, to be considered eligible for liberties such as travel. Essentially, those who are found to be inadmissible to Canada may be required to apply for criminal rehabilitation in order to enjoy liberties such as travel. One would be considered criminally inadmissible if:

  • One was convicted of an offence in Canada;
  • One was convicted of an offence outside Canada of such a thing that would be considered a crime within Canada;
  • One committed an act outside of Canada that is considered a crime under the laws of the country where it occurred and would be punishable under Canadian law

  • DUI 
  • theft
  • drug trafficking
  • drug possession
  • weapons violations
  • assault
  • probation violations
  • domestic violence
  • fraud
  • vehicular manslaughter
  • possession of stolen property
  • arson
  • embezzlement
  • drug manufacturing or cultivation
  • aggravated assault
  • child abandonment
  • property crimes
  • robbery
  • indecent exposure
  • failure to appear
  • hit and run
  • credit card fraud
  • prostitution
  • money laundering
  • sexual assault
  • disorderly conduct
  • child abuse
  • identity theft
  • conspiracy
  • stalking
  • wire fraud
  • battery
  • cyber bullying
  • racketeering 
  • burglary
  • white collar crimes
  • resisting an officer 
  • solicitation
  • extortion
  • child pornography
  • insurance fraud
  • breaking and entering
  • shoplifting
  • securities fraud
  • aiding & abetting
  • homicide
  • vandalism
  • careless driving
  • motor-vehicle theft
  • kidnapping
  • tax evasion
  • harassment
  • aggravated battery
  • telemarketing fraud
  • battery
  • evading arrest
  • rape
  • larceny
  • bribery
  • computer crimes
  • hate crimes
  • forgery
  • obstruction of justice

If you find yourself receiving a letter or being told you are denied entry into Canada, you will need to complete the imm1444e form. This is a long and tedious process, and as such, it is crucial to start the criminal rehabilitation application process early. For federal matters such as these, it can take months of gathering and filling out the necessary paperwork to even begin the filing process. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the application must be completely free of any errors. Even a small mistake could delay the process by a long time. Our experts at Federal Pardon Waiver Services can review each document and submit the entire application on your behalf. Our goal is to make this tedious application process a smooth one for you. So you may attain your freedom and travel to Canada with ease.




To be Eligible for Criminal Rehabilitation You:

  • Should have completed your sentence, probationary period or fine 5 years ago
  • Should show that you are rehabilitated and have not had any other convictions in the meantime


A conviction under a foreign jurisdiction may not have the same severity in Canada. Every crime on your record will be evaluated on the basis of how it would be treated in Canada. Once the equivalency has been identified within Canadian law, that’s when it is determined if your prior conviction falls under the category of serious criminality or misdemeanours. This, of course, determines how long you will have to wait to get approved.​




Don’t let those past indiscretions cast a shadow over your bright future. Get the ball rolling and attain your freedom to travel today. When you apply through us you will have the ability to rest assured you are in experienced hands. This process can take time, so do not wait to get started. Begin now, liberty awaits.

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